USB Audio Interfaces

Musicians use our JackTrip servers once they have installed JackTrip software on their Mac or PC or other computer, and connected their audio source into a USB Audio Interface, also commonly referred to as a USB Sound Card.  Many musicians use a USB Audio interface made by companies like PreSonus, Focusrite, M-Audio, Behringer, Tascam, and others.  Musicians occasionally also use a USB Microphone, however, USB mics typically don’t include a gain control knob and are therefore less likely to meet the needs of the average musician using JackTrip.

Your USB Audio interface must be capable of running at 48KHz sampling rate in order to work with our JackTrip servers.  For users needing to stream JackTrip sessions, consider testing with a USB Audio Interface that supports USB Loopback.  In all cases and in all usage situations, we do not recommend or guarantee that any specific brand or model will meet your needs.

For more information on USB Audio Interfaces, visit any large music equipment retailer.  You may also use our affiliate links to see USB Audio Interfaces available through Amazon here, and USB Microphones here.  If you purchase a USB Microphone, make sure to get one with a headphone output jack in order to be able to listen to the other musicians in your JackTrip sessions.

For a fast, easy JackTrip solution that includes a USB Interface, and requires no software installation, consider purchasing a JackStreamer from our associates at Network Sound.  Their systems allow easy setup and connection to a private JackTrip server from MusiciansTogetherApart.

We suggest starting with a Network Test to your nearest JackTrip server.  If you aren’t sure about the results, email us at  If you’re ready to get going, you can start a JackTrip server in minutes in any of our 11 original cities, or get a JackTrip server going in our new additional cities by emailing us to get pricing and begin a subscription.  Servers in our new cities including Los Angeles, Northern  Virginia/Washington DC, Oregon, Ohio, and elsewhere can be started within approximately 2 business days.