JackTrip Support Services

from MusiciansTogetherApart.com

Support For New and Existing JackTrip Users & Musicians Considering JackTrip

MusiciansTogetherApart.com experts are available by the half hour and by the hour to help you get your jacktrip setup going, fine tune it for your needs, and to provide strategy and technical consulting for those considering JackTrip for their group.

JackTrip isn’t always a plug and play setup. For example, for some users, network conditions may be such that a bit of extra support can help get JackTrip working the way you and your partner musicians need.

MusiciansTogetherApart.com experts are available for a variety of jobs- from simple jacktrip setup to strategic and technical consulting. Our experts will get you set up in no time, armed with the knowledge that only comes with extensive experience.

We’ve seen most everything over our 10+ years of working with JackTrip. Book a support session today so we can get your JackTrip support questions answered.

  • Available for any JackTrip user
  • Get your JackTrip setup going quickly
  • Save time and energy by letting experts handle the setup of JackTrip
  • Expert technical know-how to get you started
  • Get the help of a pro when your questions need answering fast
  • Groups: We help identify where problems may be coming from
  • Consultation and strategy for those considering Jacktrip

Who uses our support services

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Bands
  • Large Groups
  • School/University Groups
  • JackTrip users who want to go peer to peer
  • Strategic Consulting for those considering JackTrip
  • JackTrip users who want an expert to join their server for fine tuning settings

JackTrip Support Options

30 Minute Video Support Call – $45
Ideal for evaluation of an audio or a technical issue
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Support by the hour – $75/hour
Ideal for evaluation & troubleshooting of audio or technical issues,
DAW integration, and live streaming configuration support
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Monthly Support Packages from $200/month
Ideal for larger groups or group leaders who need to reach
a JackTrip support individual during sessions. Have a JackTrip
support tech in-session or available by phone during your JackTrip sesssions
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Easy and Quickly Available Support

Once you purchase a support session, you’ll receive a link to a calendar that has available support timeslots. If you don’t find a timeslot compatible with your timezone or scheduling needs, email support@musicianstogetherapart.com with your preferred times and we’ll do our best to set up a session at a time that works for you.

After choosing your time slot, you’ll receive a link to a zoom meeting. Just visit the link at the time you chose, and you’ll be connected to one of our JackTrip experts.

Please note that for JackTrip Virtual Studio users who use servers from JackTrip.org, we recommend contacting the JackTrip foundation directly by visiting their website.

Before purchasing support, please be sure you have checked our support policy & disclaimers here.

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