Downloading & Installing JackTrip Software

Please Note: Before installing JackTrip software, you must have a compatible USB Audio Interface.

JackTrip for Macintosh Users

Running JackTrip requires two software packages: Jack Audio Connection Kit, and JackTrip.  Mac users must be running the latest versions of OS X, either Mojave or Catalina.  Instructions for downloading and installing JacktTrip for MacOS X can be found here.

JackTrip for Windows Users

JackTrip software for Windows 10 systems has just been released.  Please note that the Windows 10 version of JackTrip software is very new, and may not work on all Windows 10 systems.  It is important to note that with Windows 10, JackTrip will not run correctly unless network discovery and printer sharing are disabled in the properties windows for the active network connection.  To get the latest JackTrip software for Windows users, visit this page.

JackTrip for Raspberry Pi – The Easiest JackTrip Solution

For fast, easy connectivity without installing JackTrip software on your Mac or PC, consider a Raspberry Pi based JackTrip system.  These self-contained JackTrip appliances are controlled through by a smartphone on your local WiFi network, or via web browser from any PC or Mac on your network.  These devices can connect to any JackTrip server, including our private cloud based servers.

JackTrip for Linux Users

Instructions for downloading and installing JackTrip on Linux can be found here.