Test your Network Performance for Best Audio

JackTrip requires high quality Internet connections for each user

Before signing up for a JackTrip server subscription, it is important to make sure that you and your partner musicians have sufficient network performance for running JackTrip to one of our server locations.

The first step to being able to use JackTrip is to know the network performance between your location and the nearest server location, and between your partner musicians and the same server location.

Mobile/cellular data networks do not currently provide sufficient performance for JackTrip

It’s important to note that JackTrip will not function reliably on mobile data networks except in rare cases. This includes services that provide in-home data connectivity using 4G LTE routers.

Similarly, Wi-Fi networks, although not as incompatible with JackTrip as mobile data networks are not recommended as they are much more susceptible to random network connectivity problems at any time.

To begin testing

Identify the city nearest you and click to start a test. You can run as many tests as you wish. In fact, the more tests you run, the more you can get a feel of your network’s performance.
It is also important that you have your partner musicians run the tests to the same server because their network performance is also crucial to making a session work using JackTrip.

Checking the results

On the test results page, you’ll see network performance numbers: Ping time, Jitter, Download Speed, and Upload Speed. We provide a guide under the results to help you estimate how well your network will support a JackTrip session specifically between your location and the JackTrip server location that you have selected. Make sure to have your partner musicians evaluate their results the same way.

Please note that these tests are not the same as you will find on speedtest.net or similar internet speed test services. The tests at the locations below establish a connection directly from your location to a JackTrip server location.

The Ultimate Test of Internet Audio

Because the network performance tests are based on data transfer protocols that are not an exact match for uncompressed audio data, it is only possible to determine actual performance by testing audio between each musician’s location and a JackTrip server.

To make this best form of testing possible, we offer a two-user audio test server subscription. We strongly recommend that you utilize this subscription type initially, in order to determine if JackTrip is indeed suited for use between your and your partner musicians’ locations, and one of our JackTrip server locations. You can start your 14 day test server subscription by clicking here.

Start a Network Performance Test to your Nearest Server Location

Next Steps

If your and your partner musicians’ test results show sufficient network performance, we recommend the next step of purchasing a two-user audio test server subscription.

Using this server, you’ll be able to do a full audio test to evaluate latency and audio quality between you and one of your partner. You can share this audio test server with your partner musicians at any time, so that each partner can accurately assess if their network connectivity will support JackTrip sessions.

You can start a two-user 14 day test server subscription here.